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Our way of supporting the sector

As the Government and industry bodies launch business reopening measures, employers are now moving operatives back to site with clearer guidance on safe working practices and definitions of essential work established. There are various considerations employers must keep in mind when reopening their physical work locations, one of which is regular screening of employees to ensure they are fit to work and not posing significant risk of spreading Covid-19.

In support of the sector, as it embarks on the ‘new normal’ working practices and procedures, Re-flow is offering two free digital forms that strengthen social distancing measures, to any company in the sector. The first is for managing Covid-19 back to work screening and the other is to enable contact free waste transfer notes. These forms are accessible to all employees on their smartphones through our Apple and Android apps


Ensure a safe return to work for your team

Keep on top of operative’s health, by symptom checking on a daily basis, using the Covid-19 screening form via the Re-flow app, allowing the return to work process to be done remotely.

Operatives can simply complete the information on the digital form at home or on site and the completed information is instantly sent to the Management team via email, who can then use the responses to decide when an employee is safe to return to work.

This has the primary function of keeping potentially contagious operatives away from site until they are well, by allowing them to screen from home. It also brings the process online, meaning there’s no physical documentation to exchange, which could be contaminated.

Full users of Re-flow can also add Covid-19 warnings and updates on the home screen of their app as a way of communicating to whole team.



Remove unnecessary contact 

This offers a simple form on the app for waste transfer notes to be completed easily and digitally. It includes information such as details of the waste, the processes it has been through, and further information about the transfer. Companies can also include all compliance and licencing information required to have a digital paper trail for auditing purposes.

Once again, this removes the need for physical documentation that could be contaminated and any requirement for person to person contact.


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How do our forms work?

  • Integrate any kind of form you need into the app.
  • Our forms can pull from databases, so that wherever possible, fields are dropdown pick lists, removing interpretation errors.
  • Make forms dynamic, so users can be asked for information based on the previous response, removing user guesswork and unnecessary data input.
  • Forms work completely offline and you can save as you go. 
  • On submission, forms are stored until a connection is established and then automatically go straight into the cloud, immediately available to view as pdfs in the management dashboard.

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How do our forms work?

The Offer

How we can help you for free

  • Free access to the app will be available for a period of three months, up to and including 31st August 2020.
  • We offer the same data and hosting security as our paying customers receive. 
  • Any company can sign for an account via our website.
  • All operatives can download the app on their smartphones and login using your company’s unique login credentials to complete and submit the forms.
  • All data is yours, and forms submitted via the app are instantly forwarded to an email recipients of your choosing.
  • The app your team will use in the field, works on iOS 10+ on the iPhone and iPad and Android: 6+ phone and tablet. It also re-sizes to any device screen size.
  • This offer does not include access to a management dashboard - normally accessible to paying customers.
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